Leaf California
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Rooted Passion

Our master cultivators at LEAF California have a deep appreciation for the craft, faithfully delivering premium strains, all grown using organic farming techniques.

As true artisans, our cultivators have been mindfully developing our precise mixtures of soil and natural organics over decades, allowing us to deliver notably superior harvests, resulting in paramount performance, aroma, taste, color, and size. 

The LEAF California team originates from many business disciplines including engineering, manufacturing, botany, sales, marketing, and financial positions from Fortune 500 companies.  Each of us plays a part in lending our expertise to improving the product, reducing our environmental footprint, and delivering a superior experience for your consumer.  


Impressive Product 


Differentiating from the Ordinary

Our crafted products are CA Prop 215 and SB 420 compliant. To ensure our passion for delivering a pure product held to the highest standards, each harvest is rigorously tested for potency, terpenes, and pesticides by trusted SC Labs, and comes with the certificate of measurements. Take confidence in knowing that you’ll never find any harmful molds, chemical residues, or toxic pesticides in our product. 


Organic & Sustainable


Growing with Intention

At LEAF, we are paving our own path to sustainable solutions to benefit both the environment and the consumer as much as possible. 


Organic Origins

We are constantly self-checking our grow process to align with organic ideals. Maintaining high quality, nutrient rich soil with essential microbials is where it all starts.   


Sustainable Solutions

In an industry this green, it's imperative to be conscious of our consumption. LEAF upholds an environmentally clean space by lowering water and energy use and consistently improving efficiency.

Already, LEAF has reduced energy consumption by 60%, with a path to becoming energy efficient and using 90% of all energy, having less than 10% waste.  


Social Equity


Growing to Give Back

Throughout the process of legalization in California, LEAF has stayed integrated in decision-making and serving as a voice for the community. Our greatest goal is to establish our own community where people can thrive in their craft, while being providers of a product that brings joy to so many in an environment that honors the Earth.